The Ken Fox Hellriders Book

I first encountered the Ken Fox troupe back in 2009 and was astonished by the skill and showmanship of the riders of this particular wall of death. The wall of death has a long line of history going back to the twenties in England and Ken’s team still perform their skills upon machines from this time. As the riders flash past the audience at great speed, you seem to witness a show from a previous era, an era without the trappings of this modern changing world!
I set out to preserve this way of life with photography, it was important for me from the start to document the Fox family with an undirected approach, and preferably with film. However the latter proved impossible for me due to the cost. To overcome this problem and to keep this project genuine. I photographed this entire project without
shots being set up, no lighting and with minimum post editing. When you look through the pages of books and magazines that are produced in this now digital world you sometimes have difficulty deciding if the imagery before your eyes is real. The daring performances of the 21 century hell riders are real and are performed in front of many disbelieving eyes whenever they ride. This project concludes displaying their pride and commitment within the imagery of this book.
This biographical sketch is a brief glimpse into their world, and was shot over a period of nearly two years. During my time spent with Ken, his wife Julie and their family, I have witnessed the amazing spectacle that is………

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


The busy season has finished. The winter months are spent maintaining all of the equipment this includes lorry's,Trailers,Generators etc and the massive amount of wood that resides in both of the wall's. Some of the panels will be repaired and external wood work will be repainted. A constant process of improvement and repair. Within the busy winter schedule the parts of another Indian motorcycle lay waiting for completion, the various components dorment, The engine has been rebuilt and the frame repainted. Ken will soon compleat this rebuild and another Indian will be born!

Thursday, 25 August 2011


From small beginnings this annual event has become one of the favoured places for those interested in how people lived, worked and played in bygone years and it is now widely recognised as "THE" National Heritage Show as well as being regarded as the leading show of its type in the World. The spectacle covers an enormous showground, at over 600 acres being one of Europe's largest outdoor event locations. 2011 will see the show in its 43rd year.

31st august-4th september.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

2011 season

The new season is approaching fast.Look out for the ken fox troupe in your area. The performance of ken and his riders is amazing and has to be seen with your own eyes.Look on the Ken Fox/ wall of death web site for up coming events and take a look for yourself when the shows in town.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dirty Magazine/Scarlett Rickard

Scarlett's handy work!

Scarlett Rickard over at Dirty Magazine has put a little article together concerning this project.
The magazine concentrates on real people and real life,she thought it might fit nice in issue 3.
Grab a copy while you can..........